Why choose Omega Hospitals for treating Cancer?

Why choose Omega Hospitals for treating Cancer?

Omega Cancer Hospital, A vision to create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate care is known for its world class cancer treatment in Hyderabad. We are located at the heart of the city which give you an ease access to reach us from locations like Banjara Hills, Jubilee hills, Hakimpet, Nandi Nagar, Journalist Colony, Hi Tech City and Madhapur etc. Our well-known & dedicated cancer specialist doctors and Oncology specialists are here to treat all type of cancers such as breast cancer & lung cancer with zeal to provide exceptional patient care.

We at Omega hospital, Best cancer hospital in Hyderabad with top oncologist doctors, who have unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer. Our medical and surgical oncologists use the latest technology and the most innovative advanced therapies available in Indian oncology field & ensuring that India gets its own Cancer care hospital in Hyderabad with advanced medical equipment.

Nearyby Locations

  • Banjara Hills
  • | Jubilee hills
  • | Hakimpet
  • | Nandi Nagar
  • | Journalist Colony
  • | Hi Tech City
  • | Madhapur


What can you do?

I Can

Stop smoking for good

Get regular medical screening

Learn about the signs and symptoms linked to cancer

Return back to work after cancer treatment, to give it the biggest insult of all

What is Cancer Screening?

What is Cancer Screening?

Cancer screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms. There are different kinds of screening tests.

Does Screening Help People Live Longer?

  • Finding some cancers at an early stage (before symptoms appear) may help decrease the chance of dying from those cancers.
  • Screening studies are done to see whether deaths from cancer decrease when people are screened.
  • Certain factors may cause survival times to look like they are getting better when they are not.


Screening tests have many goals.

  • Finds cancer before symptoms appear.
  • Screens for a cancer that is easier to treat and cure when found early.
  • Has few false-negative test results and false-positive test results.
  • Decreases the chance of dying from cancer.

Screening tests are not meant to diagnose cancer.

Screening tests usually do not diagnose cancer. If a screening test result is abnormal, more tests may be done to check for cancer.


The most common Cancers in India







Currently, 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which,
4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years)