Welcome to Omega Hospitals

An Overview of Omega Hospitals

A vision to create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate care gave birth to Omega Hospitals in July 2010. When a few well-known, dedicated Oncologists with zeal to provide exceptional patient care came together, they realized the lack of comprehensive care for cancer patients in India. Many brainstorming sessions and one aim to start a leading cancer treatment centre and care provider in the world, Dr. Ch. MohanaVamsy and his colleagues wanted to ensure that India gets its own Cancer care hospital that is available at a reasonable cost for patients from all sections of the society.

A much awaited multi-specialty hospital, Omega offers advanced cancer treatment protocols using the latest technology and equipment, with care and compassion. Values that spoke of Quality Care, Leadership, Respect for Individuals Rights, Hope, Partnership, Service to All, Safety and Security and Recognition initiated the pillars of Omega Hospitals.

Consisting of world-renowned oncologists, critical care specialists, nurses, pharmacists, Technicians and dieticians, the team of Omega Hospitals strives to achieve success through care. An independent unit of the Hyderabad Institute of Oncology, Omega Hospitals works with more than 500 employees by providing more than 89,500 patient care visits annually, includes 24,500 admissions. About 65,000 total outpatient visits to the hospital with 1069 same day surgery visits and 1760 major surgeries annually, the team has a proven mettle as one of the leading health care providers in the city.

With a vast area of 3,200 sq. mts., Omega Hospitals boasts of the latest medical equipment and skilled technicians. Dedicated round-the clock Cancer care, Surgical and Medical ICU units are in place, only adding to the competency level of the hospital’s performance. When the hospital was started, Omega Hospitals was the first in South India to install the VMAT Radiation technology for superior care. Omega has carved out various milestones in line to achieve.

A fully equipped ICU with advanced computerized charting and coding technology, digital imaging assists to interpret recorded vital signs, cardiac rhythms, CT scans, x-rays, and other essential diagnostic parameters, contemporary and modern-innovative designs to cater the best service are a part of Omega’s laurels. Design that speaks of thoughtful need and ideas that redefine necessity; patient areas and public areas at Omega Hospitals offer comfortable space for patients and their families.

The blend of Innovation in medical sciences with technology and powerful minds sees a successful example in the service of Omega Hospitals. Advanced medical equipment such as Cyberknife VSI (First in South India), 3D Digital Mammography with Breast Tomosynthesis (First in India) and endless innovative service mark the hard work behind the Omega Hospitals team to become the leading care provider of cancer treatment.

Omega Hospitals believe in making a difference that goes beyond the four walls of the hospital. Poised to play an active role in the community by providing support, outreach programmes and special services to improve the quality of life of people in the community’ special programmes are offered as part of medical education initiative at Omega Hospitals.

Omega Hospitals offers a wide range of free as well as low-cost screenings and tests. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, the hospital has started a mobile van to reach rural most areas of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with the aim to screen poor patients at an early stage. This van consists of Mammography, Ultrasound, X-Ray, CR System, ECG and Papsmear. The Hospital also provides support groups and community health education. With an annual clinic to help children overcome their fear of hospitals, doctors and healthcare, Omega Hospitals has touched every aspect of health care to be the comprehensive care provider of healthcare and cancer treatment in India.